5 Essential Things You Should Know Before Playing Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity is one of the online games with play-to-earn mechanics. In this game, players must fight with enemies and win battles. The winner receives in-game tokens called Smooth Love Potion (SLP). That’s not all; players can also earn tokens by completing different daily tasks, which on average sums up to 10 levels for beginners. 

The game gets more thrilling and challenging as you unlock higher levels. But the good news is that your axies also get stronger as they win battles. In other words, your axies get more capacity to overcome antagonists as you keep playing, making it easier for you to finish a task and move on to the next quickly. 

If you devote more time, you will earn more tokens as you improve in skills and strategies to play. Meanwhile, Axie Infinity is not free. To start playing the game, you will first have to invest money to buy your starter team of three axies which you will use to battle with your opponent in the game. 

Axies are digital pets that players can raise, breed, and trade in the game community. In the Axie infinity marketplace, the minimum amount of an axie is present $200. By implication, you will have to spend about $600 to purchase a team of three axies to start playing.

If you wonder why the price is so high, remember that the game operates with a cryptocurrency economy. Though the price used to be cheaper some few months ago, recently, interested players have to purchase at a higher rate.  You don’t have to fret; you will earn recover your initial investment in a matter of days. 

Since Axie infinity is a credible money-making game environment, people from different parts of the world have joined the Axie community to play as a manager or scholars.  Recently, the game is getting more popular, and many people are showing interest in joining the Axie community.

However, as juicy as Axie Infinity can be, some people still find it difficult to earn as much as they want. As a matter of fact, some end up regretting they ever attempted to invest in the game. When they couldn’t get what they desired, their passion went off; then, they quit playing the game. 

What could ever cause that? Most of the time, it is not a lack of skills or time to play; most people fail to earn much because they don’t understand how Axie Infinity works as a game.  It is good to learn how to play Axie infinity before investing your hard-earned money into it. When you know the game, it will help you to win more tokens.

I know many of them would wish they had known better before they started playing for those who couldn’t earn much. So, what are the things you need to know before you play the game? Let’s get to unfold them.

1. Axie Infinity is a business-oriented game

Axie Infinity is more than a game. Indeed, it is better to think of it as much of a money-making platform and less of a video game. How you perceive determines how you handle it. Having the proper perspective about the game will help you do the needful whenever necessary. 

As earlier discussed, Axie Infinity is a play-to-earn game that allows players to get in-game that has real money value while catching fun. Although you can join the Axie community for the love of the game, you will have to change that mindset if you want to earn big. Summarily put, If you are considering buying Axie Infinity, you must keep in mind that you are doing business with your earnings. 

2. AXS and SLP has a price return of over 7000%

Axie Infinity Shard (AXS) and Smooth Love Potion (SLP) are the in-game tokens you earn when you win a battle or complete your daily tasks. Those two tokens are the essential parts of the game that require most of your attention. AXS and SLP are both valuable in the open market, so you must put most of your attention on how to bet more of them. 

It may gladden your heart to know that the cryptocurrency market has been experiencing dramatic growth in recent times. That should be good news for any player with much AXS and SLP in his wallet.

Based on the first-hand report of Messari, AXS has achieved a price return of over 7000%. If you compare that with ETH’s 212% and BTC’s 33%, you will understand what is on the table for any player with enough AXS in the wallet. AXS rises by 212% every week.

3. Players must own three axies to play the game 

Does it hurt that you can’t play Axie Infinity for free? I don’t think you should have issues with that policy. Axie Infinity game is a nation of the real economy, so you’ve got to make some investment if you want to join. 

You might have also noticed that the Axie Infinity community is more of a business world. That means you will first have to invest some money before earning profits. It is a must for players to own at least three axies for a start. You cannot raise, breed, or trade-in the game community without axies. 

4. You can opt for Axie Infinity scholarship programs  

Axie infinity scholarship program is meant for players who do not have the resources to purchase the starter team of three axies. The scholarship is organized by veteran players who either have too many axies on their account or don’t have the time to play the game. 

The owners of axies are called investors or managers, while the player that will use the axies to play is called a scholar. Both managers and scholars will have to agree on how to share the earned profits before they agree to form the partnership. If you aspire to play axie infinity, but you can’t afford to make the initial investment, you can opt for a scholarship.

5. You can earn up to $1500 a month

Though how much you will earn depends on your time and commitment, you can make up to $1500 per month if you know how to navigate the game. No doubt, Axie Infinity can fetch you a fortune. But, you have to be ready to take it up as a job.

Final Words 

 Axie Infinity is simple to play and earn. But you have to understand a few things about the game to earn as much as you can. The above tips are beneficial once you start playing the game. 

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