Some uncommon tips you can use in Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity is more than simply a deck of cards. It includes the mechanics of both turn-based and strategy games, such as chess, where your actions must be exact since errors might lead to catastrophic errors. Yes, Axie Infinity may be considered a pay-to-win game since more costly Axies often win confrontations, however, this is not always the case. Even well-combined floor axes (at the low end of the pricing range) may perform well in the arena. Even with a low-tier squad, you can beat top-tier opponents with attentive observation. Let’s speak about how to enhance your Arena gaming and get the most out of your Axies in this post.

You have a considerable edge if you know the matchup. You can often discern if you can be aggressive or defensive simply by glancing at the Axie Infinity matchup. It may also influence the game’s result; there are games where you believe you have an easy victory, and there are games where you believe you have already lost. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t research your opponent’s Axie. Although learning the Axie Class Cycle boosts your chances of winning, this is not always the case. Because some Axies are crossbreeds, they may have cards from a different class, you should be cautious.

You’ve gotten to know all of the cards.

You've gotten to know all of the cards

The Axieverse has over 132 cards; I understand that this is a lot to remember, but you don’t have to learn them all. Simply acquaint yourself; you’ll see that although each card appears to be distinct, there are many similarities between them. There are cards that gather energy, cards that do burst damage, heal, stun, and so on. You can do this in-game by hovering over your opponent’s Axie and clicking it; you’ll be able to see what to watch out for on their card. Knowing all of this may help you stay out of danger, particularly when it comes to cards that can steal or destroy energy.

Combo cards, which are common with Beast Axies, are cards that synchronize with one other. There are also cards that cause Axies to leap, such as Dark Swoop, Chitin Jump, and Smart Shot. These Axie Infinity cards may quickly kill your back and mid-Axie, shattering any plans you may have. Visit to read about Axie Infinity game overview.

Poison cards, such as Gas Unleash, Barb Strike, and Venom Spray, may poison your Axies and cause damage over time (stackable). Another technique to recall cards is to look at how they appear on the Axie! Certain Axie pieces stand out, and you can determine what card it is simply by glancing at it. These are just a few types of teams you can see throughout your Arena voyage; your own team will have its unique set of combinations and execution, so make the most of it.

Count the Energy of your Opponent

Though the first two Axie Infinity recommendations are simple to grasp, counting energy is more difficult and may need some practice. Both you and your opponent start with three energy when combat starts. Energy is required to play a card; most cards need 1 energy to play; however, certain cards do not require any energy (zero cost). Players will be given two energy at the end of each game, and here is when the counting begins.

Count the Energy of your Opponent

You’ll notice that your opponent does not always attack; in fact, they may conclude the turn phase without ever playing a card (pass). Also, some of your Axie Infinity opponents may use a card that earns or steals energy, so it’s critical to pay attention to every card he or she uses. For example, in the first round, both you and your opponent have 3 energy, you pass or do not play a card, then your opponent plays two Vegetal Bite cards, he/she uses two of the three energies he/she has, and gains them back because Vegetal Bite can steal your energy, so in round two, he/she has 5 energies, while you have 3. What is the significance of the number five? You had 3 energy at the start of the fight, you passed, he used 2 Vegetal Bite, stealing your 2 energy, now he has 3, plus two energies for both of you at the conclusion of the round, giving him a total of 5, while you only have 3 due to the stolen 2.

In Axie Infinity, following your opponent’s energy is critical, particularly in rounds 1–3, since these are the preparation rounds. If you count them properly, you’ll be able to forecast what movements he’ll make. One suggestion for keeping track of the counting is to acquire a pen and paper and write down every move your opponent makes, including how much energy he/she earned, stole, and used.

By combining all of these things together, you’ll be able to count accurately (notice that cards that take energy won’t function if there’s no energy to steal), so if you’re playing against these types of opponents, make effective use of your energies so they can’t steal anything from you. Another thing to keep in mind is that while the card is playing, any energy earned or taken will be displayed. As seen in the image below, an Energy Destroy or Energy Gained indication will appear.

You may, of course, utilize cards that steal or acquire energy to your advantage, allowing you to influence and control your opponent’s energy total.

Final thoughts

The year 2021 witnessed the emergence of blockchain gaming. Axie Infinity led the way and demonstrated that the integration of blockchain technology into games has enormous potential and a product-market fit. The incorporation of blockchain technology into games like Axie Infinity has spawned a new gaming paradigm: play-and-earn.

Play-and-earn is a concept that allows players to earn money as they play games. While gaming has traditionally created economic value, this value is acquired exclusively by game makers. Players may only get intangible advantages from gaming — entertainment, a feeling of camaraderie, and a sense of accomplishment, for example. By using NFTs and/or cryptocurrencies for in-game objects, gamers gain control and ownership over their possessions. They may easily trade or cash out of the game, in sharp contrast to contemporary games, where real-world commerce is sometimes prohibited by the game’s terms of service. Click here to read about 7 Ways Your Child Adults Can Benefit from Axie Infinity.